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Trust in the Moon by Delaney Rain

Trust in the Moon

Tales from the Tarot

Fresh off of a bad breakup, Zeke Castro is done with men and love even though he’s in a resort town in Colorado for his cousin’s big gay wedding. After a ruggedly handsome man kisses him in the hotel lobby, Zeke realizes his heart might not be so frozen after all.Sacha Lupescu knows he’s found his fated mate and though he’s thrilled, he already knows that his werewolf pack won’t be. He needs to find a way to change their minds while also revealing his truth to Zeke without losing him.Secrets ruined Zeke’s last relationship, and he’s started to notice that Sacha has a lot of secrets. But when the truth finally comes out, Zeke will need to decide if he can accept that fate is real and that he has a place in a world more magical than he ever could’ve dreamed. Can he trust in his mate? Is love really enough?Trust in the Moon is a standalone MM romance novel as part of the multi-author collaboration Tales from the Tarot. This book is based on the major arcana card The Moon with elements of trust issues, hurt/comfort, pack politics, minor bridezilla behavior, outdoor and shifted shenanigans, “but, daddy, I love him!” moments, and a happily ever after.

Ensnared by the Rabbit Genius by Delaney Rain

Ensnared by the Rabbit Genius

Delaney's Furry Alien Mates, Book 6

Ellis Cole is an FBI research analyst assigned to observe a giant white rabbit while he’s on Earth. Wherever he goes, Ellis must follow. Never told to be covert about it, Ellis finds the only way for him to keep up is by slowing his bouncy bunny down. Getting naked wasn’t part of the plan, but it seems to be working.Commander Seiwa Heremond is an engineer tasked with getting human technology up to Norlon standards. An easy task, right? They’re only about a century behind. And then Seiwa discovers his mate is the human man who keeps following him around. Might Ellis follow other directions? He’s too irresistible not to try.Further Details Coming Soon!Ensnared by the Rabbit Genius features an anthropomorphic rabbit as an alien, a little light BDSM, messing with the FBI, making NASA cry, public shenanigans, fluffy bunny butts and toe beans, and a HEA. This is the last in a 6-book series featuring different couples that should be read in order.

Hooked on the Otter Doctor by Delaney Rain

Hooked on the Otter Doctor

Delaney's Furry Alien Mates, Book 5

Tobias Ahlberg is a sixth generation fisherman in a country that no longer wants to support fishing. His entire focus is on getting his stubborn father to follow him into aquaculture, while also earning money any way he can. While he wasn't looking for love, he's thrilled to discover that fated mates are real and he's one of them.Halaby Revazi has been a ship’s doctor for twenty years and now he’s also leading the medical branch of the delegation to Earth. His stress levels are skyrocketing…and he’s not okay. While on a forced leave for the sake of his mental health, he discovers Tobias is his mate and it brings up a lot of questions about what their future might hold. The human mates of Halaby’s friends have happily given up their lives on Earth, but Tobias has a family that needs him.Changing their lives isn’t easy, but Tobias and Halaby are determined to get things right this time around.Hooked on the Otter Doctor features an anthropomorphic otter as an alien, hurt/comfort themes, family issues, mental health rep, big life decisions, and a HEA. This is the fifth in a planned 6-book series featuring different couples that should be read in order.Content warnings: mentions of patient death, falling overboard, family arguments

Captured by the Dragon Warrior by Delaney Rain

Captured by the Dragon Warrior

Delaney's Furry Alien Mates, Book 4

Sergeant Rampon Molwynog is a Cero soldier assigned to protect the prince and the prince's mission to bring aid to the humans of Earth...even if some of the humans keep resisting those efforts. While on a team investigating a recent rash of break-ins at nanobot distribution centers, Rampon is accidentally abducted by the perpetrators. Knowing his team will find him shortly and not looking forward to explaining what happened, he's taking a much-needed break while waiting for rescue.Quincy Boone is a Marine without a mission and half a leg who happens to overhear that some local boys captured an alien. Not willing to let that go, Quincy finds where they're holding the big lizard and helps free him. It's while they're hiding out in Quincy's basement that curiosities come out and things get x-rated. Then the bad guys show up at Quincy's door and send the pair on a high speed chase to get away.When the dust finally settles on their adventures, will these two soldiers have what it takes to stay together, even if it means one of them gives up everything else in his life?Captured by the Dragon Warrior features an anthropomorphic lizard as an alien, hurt/comfort themes, a self-thrusting peen, abduction and rescue, military service, overcoming bad actors who can't accept help from aliens, and a HEA. This is the fourth in a planned 6-book series featuring different couples that should be read in order.Content warnings: physical violence, blood, use of fire as a weapon, amputation

Bound to the Tiger Scout by Delaney Rain

Bound to the Tiger Scout

Delaney's Furry Alien Mates, Book 3

Squire Landry has lived in a hell of his mother's making ever since she joined up with a hate-filled church that's now led her to Humans First, the domestic terrorist group determined to rid Earth of aliens. Squire doesn't believe the aliens mean any harm, but when his mother and her pastor insist he apply to become a sex worker—the only thing the aliens have asked of humans—Squire sees a chance to escape.Administrator Ghosha Progoni Rijal has reached the end of his rope when it comes to dealing with human politicians who would rather condemn than encourage free will. He'd known humans could be prudish about sex, but hadn't expected this much pushback over a viable and highly-desired career choice. And then he meets a frightened, desperate young man who is his fated mate.Believing he's finally free, Squire also figures he'll have no problem at all becoming a sex worker if his reaction to the big tiger alien who's recruited him is any indication. Maybe Ghosha can be the one to train the virginity right out of him? But when Ghosha explains what Squire is to him, it's pretty clear Squire has won the relationship lottery.Bound to the Tiger Scout features an anthropomorphic tiger as an alien, a virgin her, hurt/comfort themes, scratchy tongues and dirty talk, found family, sex workers, finding one’s purpose, overcoming bad actors who can't accept help from aliens, and a HEA. This is the third in a planned 6-book series featuring different couples that should be read in order.Content warning: on-page bigotry

Claimed by the Fox Captain by Delaney Rain

Claimed by the Fox Captain

Delaney's Furry Alien Mates, Book 2

Owen Devin had hoped that being invited to visit the Norlon spaceship with his governor father was how they would begin to repair their relationship. Never did he suspect that his father would become a terrorist by setting off a bomb, disabling the ship, and actually murdering people. And had he hoped to take out Owen too?When Owen wakes after the explosion in the arms of the tall and strong fox-like captain of the ship, all he wants to do is cling to someone who doesn’t hate him. The more time he spends with Pysina Langarus, the more Owen wants to stay and…thank him. That Py can’t resist laying claim to Owen with claws and teeth and knotting eases something deep in Owen’s soul.As Owen figures out what he wants to do with his life and the ship recovers from the bomb, his relationship with Py grows more intense every time they’re together. And while Py is willing to declare that Owen is his to everyone who’ll listen, can Owen do the same or will shame and fear keep him silent?Claimed by the Fox Captain features an anthropomorphic fox as an alien, hurt/comfort themes, knotting and biting, found family, finding one’s purpose, overcoming bad actors who can't accept help from aliens, and a HEA. This is the second in a planned 6-book series featuring different couples that should be read in order.Content warnings: violence, death (not main character), blood and burns, terrorism, and medical procedures with needles

Knotted by the Wolf Prince by Delaney Rain

Knotted by the Wolf Prince

Delaney's Furry Alien Mates, Book 1

Logan Parrish was a Cleveland police officer for all of two days when aliens that look like wolves, foxes, bunnies, and a bunch of other animals suddenly arrived. They claim they come in peace and just want to share their knowledge and tech with humans to improve everyone's lives. At first, Logan isn't sure what to believe.But when he's acting as security while the Norlons visit Earth for the first time, Logan can't stand by and let a big black wolf get shot. Logan takes the hits himself.Prince Alam Ye Lena knew the humans of Earth wouldn't embrace them with open arms, but he never anticipated violence. When a human man puts himself between Alam and certain death, Alam doesn't hesitate to fly back up to his ship and take his savior with him.In the coming weeks, Logan sees that the Norlons really are here to help and devotes himself to their cause. He quickly gets closer to the prince leading the delegation and knows he's found the love of his life in a big furry wolf.But a faction calling themselves Humans First refuses to see the possibilities of an alliance with aliens and brings explosive suffering to the Norlons. Can Logan and Alam survive the ordeal and come out stronger on the other side?Knotted by the Wolf Prince features an anthropomorphic wolf as an alien, a human cop turned consultant, boss/employee relationship, lots of knotting (obvi), cuddles with fluffy black fur, licks and kisses, nanobots healing everything, overcoming bad actors who can't accept help from aliens, and a HEA. This is the first in a planned 6-book series featuring different couples that should be read in order.Content warnings: violence, death (not main character), blood, terrorism, and medical procedures with needles

Double Bigfoot Trouble by Delaney Rain

Double Bigfoot Trouble

Delaney's Bigfoot, Book 3

Huck Savage used to think he was a pretty awesome TV personality. Nowadays, though, he’s just schlepping around the country pretending to find evidence of the supernatural and, wow, is he done doing that. But quitting without a fallback or even a vague plan isn’t something he can handle.Everything changes when Huck discovers two Bigfoot in flagrante delicto who then decide to include Huck in their fiery passions. And not only is that the best he’s ever known, he’s also feeling loved better than ever before. So he gets his Bigfoot lovers a mobile phone and comes back to them whenever he can get away from the next shoot.And then Huck and the crew of Prowl’s Is It Out There? show find themselves in Baker, Idaho, on the Rebecca Merz Nature Reserve to do a show about Bigfoot. Huck’s are well aware of the community near Baker and so meet Huck there. But there’s more the Baker than any of them realize and maybe, just maybe, that could be where they all make their new home.Telling family and friends where they’re going to live requires a road trip that ends up being a car chase when a very unhappy fan refuses to allow Huck to get away with keeping the truth about Bigfoot a secret from the world. Can these three shake off her interest and finally have the happy ending they deserve?Double Bigfoot Trouble includes two Bigfoot and one human man, outdoor shenanigans, sneaking around, found family, a roadtrip, evading capture, one disgruntled fan, and a reunion of previous Is It Out There? show hosts, Clark and Max, who'll meet Ramsey, Vaughn, and Huck—and all of their supernatural mates.

Tentacles and Other Stocking Stuffers by Delaney Rain

Tentacles and Other Stocking Stuffers

Tinsel & Tentacles Multi-Author Collaboration

It's a satellite! It's a meteor! It's a...small alien spaceship?The last thing bar manager Sam Litchfield expects to see when he gets home from work just weeks before Christmas is something crash landing in his backyard. What's he supposed to do when it's a three-foot-tall alien with tentacles for arms in a broken spaceship? Well, in the spirit of the season, Sam helps Bhanzier get out of the cold and start repairs on his ship.Tentacles and Other Stocking Stuffers is part of the Tinsel and Tentacles multi-author collaboration and a complete standalone. Expect to find a curious and open-minded little alien who crash-landed on Earth, a Christmas-loving human who likes a tiny top, nosy and persistent FBI agents, fiddly ship repairs, a holiday homes tour that couldn’t come at a worse time, revealing secrets, and bitty little tentacles that can get in all the fun places.

The Demon's Dealbreaker by Delaney Rain

The Demon's Dealbreaker

A witch, two fairies, a minor god, and four demons walk into a bar and suddenly Dwyer Eamonn’s life will never be the same.The Demon’s Dealbreaker is a M/M paranormal romance featuring a cranky cast of supernatural beings who thought they’d all made deals for a firstborn son, a human man who knew magic existed but not at this level, parents who deserve what they get, and the revelation of several incredible secrets as the dealbreaker becomes who he was always meant to be.Content Warnings: violence, coercion/dubcon, tentacle sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism/public sex

The Bigfoot's Mate by Delaney Rain

The Bigfoot's Mate

Delaney's Bigfoot, Book 1

Anthropologist Ramsey Kaye survives a small plane crash in the forest, but is prevented from getting immediate help by injuries and bad weather. Though he’s out here looking for Bigfoot evidence, he’s still terrified when the real thing finds him taking shelter in the wrecked plane. But now he’s living in a cave with the hairy brute and discovering the big guy might not be so beastly after all. In fact, Ramsey might just be falling in love with Bigfoot.

For Fur's Sake by Delaney Rain

For Fur's Sake

Delaney's Bigfoot, Book 2

After seeing something he can't explain in the nature reserve where he works, Park Ranger Vaughn Jones discovers that Bigfoot is real. And, well, Vaughn has also realized that he has a thing for a tall, muscular, and hairy beast who likes him back. A lot. A whole lot. But then the media gets wind of what's been going on in the reserve and a paranormal investigation show's crew invades the reserve with personnel and cameras. They want to find Bigfoot too and share him with the world. What's a reserve full of Bigfoot lovers to do? Sacrifices will have to be made if Vaughn and the rest of the townsfolk are going to keep their Bigfoots safe, but in the end, it'll all be worth it.

The Sea Monster's Mate by Delaney Rain

The Sea Monster's Mate

Delaney's Sea Monsters, Book 1

Eric Baird lives alone on an island. Er, well, he thought he was alone until he nearly drowned and was saved by Tyfodorus. Ty looks half-human and half-squid and they’d like to use this island’s lagoon to breed…with Eric’s help. Would Eric like to host Ty’s eggs?

Aquaculture Affair by Delaney Rain

Aquaculture Affair

Delaney's Sea Monsters, Book 2

This novella has an age gap, m/m/x, and dad’s best friend story with two virgins and a guy in his forties who thought he was the grownup, some internal angst because somebody’s an alien, kinks for man-smell and gripping tentacles, hiding out in an aquaculture farm to raise snails, and a HEA ending that includes cameos from Book 1 characters.

The Minotaur's Mate by Delaney Rain

The Minotaur's Mate

Can a bull-headed man and a marshmallow-hearted bull unite to prevent a war and save a people?This novella has an enemies-to-lovers, virgin hero, size difference story with sci-fi elements, a bull-headed human and a marshmallow-hearted bull, spying on your neighbors, shopping for sex toys, one heck of a history lesson, monster-sized anatomy, megalomaniacs fighting to stay in control, and a little stabbing, but there’s a wedding and a HEA ending.

Aquaculture Affair by Delaney Rain

The Demon's Mate

Max doesn’t mind the fact that the show he leads sometimes fakes the paranormal evidence. He doesn’t mind that he might spend his nights in a creepy abandoned building or an even creepier working hotel. He doesn’t even mind that the medium can’t talk to the dead and the demonologist is a know-it-all. What he does mind is the horrible fact that he’s unable to resist a man who smokes, drinks, eats meat, and is hung like a walrus. Dammit. Oh, and his entire world just turned over on its side because, hey, ghosts and demons and angels and all of that are actually real. Yay.

A Death Worth Living by Delaney Rain

A Death Worth Living

Uriah Priest died in 1880 in his room at The Canyon Hotel in Blinkwater, Arizona, and hasn't been able to move on despite over a century of trying. When runaway Shepard Knox brings his deceased brother, Oakley, right into Priest's hotel room, Priest is sure that reincarnation is real. Oakley doesn't just look like Priest's lost love, he acts like him, too. But when Shepard is caught by police, Oakley's time with Priest is cut short as the living boy is returned to his abusive uncle. Priest is alone again until Max and Sal from THE DEMON'S MATE arrive to commune with the ghosts and end up freeing them all. Now Priest is on a mission to reunite with Oakley and do whatever he can to help him and Shepard, even if it means flying across the country to Salem, Massachusetts.

The Incubus's Mate by Delaney Rain

The Incubus's Mate

Edgar Van Helsing isn’t technically a monster hunter, but he does have a monster fetish when he’s searching the back alleys of Cleveland in January trying to find a nightclub he’s only seen online. After fulfilling a fantasy with Sai Patel, he goes home with him for more fun only to discover they’ve been snowed in and the city’s on lockdown. Having more time to spend with Sai is fantastic, but then Edgar discovers that Sai wasn’t wearing a costume at the club—he really is an incubus. Can Edgar go back to his simple life on the family farm, or will he change his life to fall in love with a monster?

Friends of Incubus's Mate by Delaney Rain

Friends of The Incubus's Mate

If you've read The Incubus's Mate, you may be curious about the other couples mentioned in the book. How did human Josh meet Victor the vampire and become the supernatural communities' first dentist? What happened to bring alpha werewolf McGregor and his human mate Alder together? And what about the dragon Dyre who harrassed Edgar at The Menagerie only to bring someone with him when he apologized later on? Now you can find out!This collection of short stories includes: The Dentist's Vampire, The Park Ranger's Werewolf, and The Quarterback's Dragon.

Friends of Incubus's Mate by Delaney Rain

The Unicorn's Mate

Archer Cole is desperate to save his little village and himself by recruiting a new unicorn to restore the fields and forests to their former glory and allow magic to last. But is he willing to become part of the bargain when the only unicorn interested is a rare male who happens to be gay as well? Because everyone knows a unicorn needs love to truly access their magic.This book has a slow-burn love story with a toppy unicorn and a nervous virgin, mild angst because of small-town prejudices, strong women getting shit done, giant puppers pulling wagons, and unicorns who are horsey below the waist with a HEA ending.

The Aliens' Mate by Delaney Rain

The Aliens' Mate

Luc Martin has been abducted by aliens, kept in a cage, escaped a spaceship, crashed on an alien planet, and fallen in love with two aliens who were also abducted. It’s complicated, OK? Or maybe it isn’t. Because Luc now has the opportunity to change his life for the better if he gives into love.This MMX novella has a steamy instalove story with medium angst, some adventurous moments of escape and survival, language barriers, and two aliens with alien anatomy with a HEA ending.

The Red Dragon's Mate by Delaney Rain

The Red Dragon's Mate

Clark Banning investigates the paranormal for a streaming channel show that he hosts. For now, anyway. If he doesn’t come up with compelling evidence—real or fake—he might lose his job debunking local legends. And when he comes looking for dragons and finds one, he has to decide if he gives up his career to love a monster.This novella has a hot and steamy instalove story with an age gap, mild angst because of some painful memories, unreliable witnesses, shifted smexiness, and a bunch of supportive dragons with a HEA ending.

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